Securing Payments as Attorney Paymaster

Securing payments, facilitating transactions, building trust through Attorney Paymaster Services
Those who trade with commodities and agricultural products need reliable partners. Payments of fees and comissions must be handled quite safely and on time around the world. Legal requirements, compliance needs and regulations must be observed and taken into account carefully.
Experienced traders - buyers and sellers, agents, brokers and intermediaries – use our services as independent Escrow Lawyer or Attorney Paymaster ("Lawyer as Paymaster" or "Trustee").
Authorized and registered as a Lawyer / Attorney at law in Birmingham Michigan, Paul Sarnacki supports his clients immediately and in the long run with their businesses and financial transactions.
Procedure: Your steps to follow
Send an email to to request all necessary information and documents to begin the process. We will send out the documents that need to be executed.
Trust and transparency through personal communication from the very first moment are the basic values underlying all of our services.